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Eco Retreat Odisha | Odisha Tourism

Revel in

The Tranquility of Odisha

Embark on a journey to discover nature's secrets, to discover the luxe life cocooned amidst the greens and to experience Odisha like never before.

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    Discover the

    Glorious Odisha

    Why choose one when you have many? Eco Retreat Odisha lets you explore the unseen, the unexplored, the untouched terrains of Odisha. Come, discover the secrets in every corner!

    Eco Retreat Konark


    Eco Retreat Konark is a festival welcoming the beauty hidden in the unexplored Odisha A celebration of the mesmeric sea. A revelry of nature’s bounties.

    Eco Retreat Satkosia


    Experience the enormous event curated to cherish the beauty hidden in the unexplored Odisha. A celebration of the sublime sea. A revelry of wilder bounties.

    Eco Retreat Hirakud


    Eco Retreat Hirakud welcomes you to experience the beauty of hidden Odisha. Celebrate the spellbinding sea cocooned in nature’s bounties.

    Eco Retreat Daringbadi


    A fiesta applauding the beauty hidden in the unexplored Odisha A celebration of the breathtaking sea. A kingdom of nature’s bounties.

    Make Memories

    Into The Wild!

    Embark on a journey to experience the best of nature while discovering its enigmatic stories and adding memorable episodes to your life.


    Dirt roads or highways, the thrill of off-roading on an All Terrain Vehicle through the green lanes of Odisha is an experience in itself.

    Rifle shooting

    Encounter best shots with a synergy between your adrenaline and your body’s response as you prepare to shoot that rifle.


    Witness yourself take the stance of a real archer as you prepare to bullseye your aim with guts and skills.

    Guided Tours

    Explore Odisha’s out of sight destinations with the assistance of the guides while you are walking through the marvellous and pristine beauty of Odisha to reveal many more secrets.

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